Be a bit sensible to afford your expensive university degree easily

The ever-increasing cost of education is definitely a huge matter of concern for almost every individual. Especially, people who’re planning for a university degree may find it really difficult to manage the overall educational cost at a time. In such a circumstance, a student loan at high interest rate becomes almost inevitable for many.

How can you manage the expenses well to get your university degree?

Apart from depending solely on high interest rate loans, you must also act a bit carefully to manage the expenses well. Here is how you should work to afford your university degree without much trouble:

  1. Check out the eligibility for grants and scholarships: Grants and scholarships are the best solutions to manage cost of education efficiently. There is no obligation for the repayment and that’s why they are so popular. The qualification criteria isn’t that simple either. People with strong academic or sports background may qualify to get the grants and scholarships easily. So, if you’re confident about your abilities, then you can apply for the grants. You must search online to acquire enough information about grants before applying.

  1. Get some part-time job: You may get some part-time job to manage the cost of education yourself. If you don’t want to go out and work, then online options are also there for you. You can also do the other way round. Get a day job and apply to some online university. Online universities are better for people who need to work along with continuing studies. In this way you’ll be able to pay off your tuition fees on time

  1. Look for student loans with reasonable interest rate: It’s not possible for all to qualify for grants and scholarships. Many people don’t even want to hamper their studies by doing some other job. In such a circumstance, only a student loan can solve your problem. Now, there are two options available for you – federal and private student loan. You may choose according to your convenience. Go for a student loan with reasonable interest rate. Take out a loan that you can pay off easily.

It’s not at all a tough job to manage the cost of higher education. You can easily do that and get your university degree. Only you need to be a little bit more careful about your moves. Take out a loan according to your affordability and keep saving more for the future payments. This will help you in acquiring your university degree without any hitch.


Student credit cards: How do you get the best plastic for yourself?

Student credit cards: How do you get the best plastic for yourself?

To lay your hands upon your first ever credit card will require you to work really very hard to qualify all those stringent credit underwriting norms. However, being a starter in case of credit cards, it is best to opt for one that compliments your financial needs as well as credit experience.

So, in this case, using student credit cards might just be the most appropriate financial tool to develop smart money management skills.

Are people with zero or little credit eligible for credit cards?

In this case, you need to apply for such a credit card that will make you eligible for it, keeping your low credit history in mind. The reason is you have very limited credit experience.

What do you mean by rate of interest on the cards?

Credit cards with low rate of interests are superior because you won’t have to make excessive debt payments at the end of each month, for keeping balances on your cards. At the start, it is very unlikely that the creditors will give you the lowest rate cards since these are mainly meant for people with excellent credit history.

In case, your card’s rate of interest is as high as 14 percent or above, then make sure to pay off whatever balances that you have within that month itself. This will help you to avoid paying exorbitant credit charges.

Do you know what credit limit is?

Being a student with minimal credit management knowledge, using plastics with low credit limit will be a good choice. This will help you to steer clear of misusing your credit cards and provide you with a lesson about to not overcharge them.

The fact is credit cards with high credit limit will eventually lead you to splurge on unnecessary items, thereby spiking the balances on them too fast. As a result, it may become a burden for you to repay them on time, consequently landing you deep into debt.

What does annual fee on credit cards imply?

Preferably, students like you should use credit cards that don’t carry any type of annual fee on them. There are a lot of credit card issuers that provide such a card, but if you don’t find one, then keep searching till you come across a card with no annual fee attached to it.

Moreover, there are some credit cards that if you make a purchase within the first 12-months, then your annual fee will be waived off by the creditors. Cards like these are very good as long as you buy things during that 1 year period.

Will the creditors levy extra charges on the cards?

When obtaining a new credit card, it is important that you go through the loan agreement carefully. Additionally, you must ensure that you’ve understood the fee structure proposed by your creditor well.


Netapp Hiring New College Graduates at multiple States in USA

Netapp Hiring New College Graduates at multiple States in USA

Salary Offered:  US $ 83,000 to 108,000

Job Role:  Application Engineer

Qualification:  BS/MS from US Universities


USA – California – Sunnyvale (Corporate Headquarters)
USA – Colorado – Boulder
USA – Colorado – Denver
USA – Kansas – Wichita
USA – Massachusetts – Boston
USA – Massachusetts – Waltham
USA – North Carolina – Research Triangle Park
USA – Pennsylvania – Cranberry Township
USA – Pennsylvania – Pittsburgh

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Asia has become a fake shop for SAT scores, transcripts or essays to cheat on US colleges

One of the Asian student says “ I am not good at this…I will contact the broker to take SAT exam for me” -  The student got admission into a top notch Univeristy with a score that he/she dint score! The exam was taken by a so called agency/broker . Not just this, you find agencies that can offer any service from ghostwriting till transcript preparation- all you need to have is money.

Though the quality of colleges in Asian countries is on a rise, they still prefer US for higher education for many reasons including higher pay after graduation, better lifestyle etc.  The urge to study in US is making the students take any  wrong step down .  Whether you have a low CGPA, low scores in entrance exams or no good projects or record, these consultancies are offering their helping hand that works with money to get you into some or the other college in USA.

More than 50 percent of essays, transcripts and LOR’s by Asian students, especially Chinese are either fake or ghostwritten i.e written by experts who work for agencies.  The charge they take depends mostly on the reputation of the University.  With the increase in craze to pursue education in US, the demand for these agencies is on a rise. Interestingly and unfortunately, this is happening in developed countries like Singapore too.

Though several Universities are aware of these practices, they seem to be more bothered about the revenue generated from international tuition fee rather than the originality of the applications. International students pay more tution fee  than Americans and have to spend on other entities like hostel.   The top schools usually rejects these applications as they do have smart people who are authentic and smart enough.  The problem is with sub standard Universities who work with the agents to intake ineligible foreign students.  These students mostly end up returning to their home country again after graduation or getting a job with fake experience in USA with the tension of loosing job at any point of time.

So, don’t put yourself on cloud 9 hearing the promises of the agents. You may get admitted in a University in USA but the future is not in your hands! Score yourself and write your own stuff to have a better life!


Letter of Recommendation – the top 10 mistakes that you make!

- Writing a Letter of Recommendation yourself on behalf of the professor or the employer
- If you are writing it yourself, making it very generic by including statements like “He has performed well in the company/college”. Common guys- The companies/colleges you are applying to , have employees who got brains to identify the LOR’s written by self
- If it is not very generic, making hell of spelling mistakes that would make anyone know that the writer is a non native English speaker. The title might say it was written by the professor of XX University. He cannot be a professor if he writes in this way
- Not including any specific incidents happened during your time in the University/college making your LOR boring and artificial
- Praising yourself in every sentence that you wrote in the most obvious way making your fakeness obvious
- Talking about everything apart from the main outcome of your stay there, especially when you are getting it from a company , again makes your LOR invaluable
- A bad conclusion or non inclusive of a conclusion or an obvious conclusion will reduce your chances. Sometimes, even if the entire LOR is not extra-ordinary, a good conclusion can get you into the University/Company you applied for!
- If your skills are not included as part of the LOR, it might not satisfy your client!
- If the reason for your application is not presented, it is going to reduce your chances
- If there is ambiguity in any of your impacting statements, you are out!