World university rankings – top 5 universities in the world

World university rankings – top 5 universities in the world

Harvard University ranking – 1

No doubt, there are very few people in this world who  have not heard about Harvard University. the university is more than 350 years and it has celebrated its 350th anniversary in 1980′s. Very intrest thing about this university is – seven of the US presidents graduated here! Its not just because of the age but because of the standards and quality of education offered, the university takes the #1 position!

Princeton University Ranking – 2

One of the richest universities in the world with revenue more than 10 Billion dollars is Princeton university. Being the 4th largest US university, the university has achieved worldwide recognition because  of its focus on research and practical education. The university is gradually developing in masters and phd courses as well and boasts of a library that has about 6 million books!

Yale University Ranking – 3

This is yet another old university founded in 1701 and also one of the richest universities with revenue more than 15 billion dollars! This stands third in terms of age and second in terms of area. It provides employment to about 3000 best in class faculty and stands as one of the best universities for under graduates!

University of Pennsylvania Ranking – 4

Despite of being a private university, university of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia is the best university in arts, engineering,  social science, humanities and education. The school of business is highly noted here.

Duke University Ranking – 5

Duke university also deserved a place in the top 5 category because it is rated as one of the top schools academically reason being, it spends tons of money on research which is the most important factor that determines the quality of education !

These are the university that take the first 5 places in world university rankings!

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