Physical Therapy University – What is the best?

If you are someone who is interested in Physical Therapy and are looking around to find the best university for Physical Therapy in the world, this article might help you. You might be knowing that Physical therapy is one division that is growing exponentially due to the scope and increase in interest. Though we cannot say that a particular university is the best physical therapy university, we can still give you a list of schools that are world famous for the course. These are the top universities that offer the best physical therapy programs

Physical Therapy at the University of Southern California:

USC is a top school in USA and offers several programs for both graduates and under graduates and ranks top in most of the programs including physical therapy.  The physical therapy division, founded in 1945 ranks number 1 in the United States and in the top 5 in the world.  Physical therapy is offered in multiple programs and the scope of research is very high in every program. If you are interested in research, you can puruse PhD in Biokinesilogy here and interestingly, it is the first research program associated with Physical Therapy. There are 3 hospitals here with each of them having all the required facilities and the department is located in the elite medical community and now you can understand how your experience is going to be. The classrooms are very comfortable and spacious and you got to interact with the most talented scientist, professor and clinicians in the field.

Physical Therapy at the University of Pittsburgh

In this University, the program is offered in the name of DPT – Doctor of Physical Therapy which is three year course and you need to study full time. This is ranked second in the United States after USC in the department and is open for under graduates from any recognized University. The course ware includes musculoskeletal therapy, integument therapy, neuromuscular therapy and several others. With the course , you are also a part of Medical Center that belongs to the University and the Cneters of Rehab Services. Also, there are wide employment opportunities available after the completion of your course in areas including but not limited to acute care, geriatrics and orthopedics.The part time jobs are also available and fortunately, the University offers them. You get real time experience while you learn from the one year internship program whrein you get paid monthly! Don’t worry about the accreditation as this Physical Therapy University program here is accredited by the Accreditation Commission.

Physical Therapy at Washington University school of Medicine, St. Louis:

This is yet another prestigious University and the Phsyical Therapy program here has as good reputation as the one at Pittsburgh. The faculty here is seriously committed towards research and education and this makes the program here the most respected in the States. The diagnosis programs are very advanced here and this is the right school for you if this is your interest. Not just that, they teach the patients health awareness and organize health campaigns

These are the top Physical Therapy Universities in USA for pursuing a descent career in the field!

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