New York, the most happening city in the world is a dream house for many in-state as well as international students. It’s a dream for many to get into the top New York   New York universities. Though the cost of living in New York is very high, students still prefer to pursue education here to enjoy the urban and fashion life and lead the incredible New York City life!

New York New York Universities

Though we cannot exactly rank the Universities in New York because each university is great in its own way, we are still listing out few top universities in New York.

New York University

One can conclude that this is the top University in New York from the name itself! Interestingly and surprisingly, this is not a public university but a private and non sectarian university. The main campus is located in Manhattan. The university was started in 1831 and has a place in the largest private universities in the world. The University is divided into six centers associated with 18 schools and has facilities in various countries of the world. The university has one of the largest housing systems and provides residence to more than 12000 students. The university has good sport facilities and the teams here are termed as Violets.  The New York University boasts of more than 30 Nobel Prize winners and stands 22nd in the top universities of the world. The individual schools are ranked better and the best among all is Philosophy school , which is always ranked #1.  The average world wide rankings of other individual schools of New York University are as follows

–         Courant Institute of Mathematical sciences – 12

–         Math Department – 16

–         Stem school of business – 12

–         Economics department– 10

–         Law school – 6 (in US)

–         Social Sciences – 10

–         School of Arts – 10

Cornell University

Located in Inlthaca in the state of New York, Cornell is a private University funded by the Ne York state government. The Cornell University was founded in 1865 and offers courses for everyone- yeah , we said it right – you say a course and you find it here! This is another non-sectarian school where you get an admission whatever your race, religion, culture or gender is. Organized into seven colleges for undergraduation and graduation, Cornell University supports 19000 students who come from about 120 countries.

Corenell Universities is one among the top 20 universities in the whole world the average rank being 15th. It is ranked 12th as far as academics is considered and is a dream college for many students who seek to pursue higher studies in a reputed university in New York.

University of Rochester:

Again another private and nonsectarian University in our list. The University of Rochester, that offers 20 programs through six schools is supporting about 8500 students – both graduates and undergraduates. . It is a dream for one of the editors of  our site “masters in USA” to pursue a dgree in the Eastman school of Music, one of the most famous programs associated with this University. It is not just a University but the largest opportunity world in the area that is supporting 100’s of local people!

Being one of the New lvies in the country, Rochester is ranked 35th in the United States and 48th in the worlds best universities list. An interesting fact about the University is that the staff to student ration is very high here and is ranked in the top 10 in the same. The University has always been a destination for research aspirants and ranks 21st.  As mentioned above, the music school rocks and ranks #1 in US. The other highly ranked departments in this University are School of Medicine, Dentistry, primary care medical school, business school and engineering school. Those who are looking for a career in music can join this school without a second thought!

These are the famous New York New York Universities located in and around the New York City. There are many other Universities that are ranked equally well and it is worth listing out few of them

–     Columbia University in the City of New York

–          CUNY System

–          Syracuse University

–          Rochester Institute of Technology

–          Stony Brook University

–           Binghamton University State University of New York

–          Fordham University

–          University at Buffalo, State University of New York

–          The New School

–          University at Albany, State University of New York

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