GRE Profile Evaluation Tool – How to use it

Before discussing this, let us tell you that you cannot just use this tool to evaluate your profile and make your final decision. It gives you an idea of what Universities people have applied and what Universities rejected them with scores similar to that of yours. Find the link to the tool here

GRE Profile Evaluation Tool

Now that you have opened the link, you can see the following drop boxes and input fields

GRE Taken, quants score range, verbal score range, Toefl score range and branch. Assuming you have already taken GRE, you have to find similar profiles in the following way

For example, if you branch is computer and gre score is 700 in quants and 400 in verbal

Enter the range in the following way

Quants range : 650 to 750

Verbal range : 350 to 450

Branch: Computer

Toefl score : Do not change anything if you have not give TOEFL yet. Otherwise, enter the range accordingly. For example if you scored 99, enter the range 0 to 99


After you select the values, click on the submit button. You will find the list of students who scored according the values you have chosen. You will find in the table the list of Universities that the student applied, list of Universities that rejected them and the finalized University.  Anallyze the list making note of Universities that   students finalized in common and also the list of Universities that rejected the students in most of the cases. Do not apply in these Universities if you have them in mind  since they rejected profiles similar to that of yours. If you need more details, you can contact these students by sending a mail to the mail id mentioned on the page.  Thanks a ton for reading this and do share our GRE profile tool with all your friends.


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